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"Last week she ate microwavable chili every night for dinner, but this week would be different. She took her worn and dog-eared copy of Joy of Cooking off the shelf and opened it to a random page. Eyes closed, Marty pointed her finger, wished for something good, and opened her eyes.


Basic broths.


Okay - boring. That one didn’t count.


She turned to a new page and pointed again. Rhubarb relish. Now we’re talking!


Of course, it was 11 PM on a Sunday, so anywhere Marty could buy rhubarb was long closed. Tomorrow morning, farmer’s market, Marty thought. And she microwaved some chili.


Marty woke up with a start that night, only to burp up some black beans into her cupped hands. Marty shuddered and stumbled to her bathroom, doing a thorough hand-face-mouth wash."

from Joy of Cooking

by Emma Deutsch


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