Pigeons exist all over the world yet they are often overlooked. Like artists and writers, they are beautiful, iridescent, quirky, and resourceful. Some birds find more fame than others, but we see the pigeons in all their glory. 

Of course, pigeons might not be as majestic or smart as their feathered friends, and they fly headfirst into a window. But how else can we find the barriers in our own world except by running into them headfirst, over and over again, waiting for them to break? 

Who founded Pigeon Review?

Pigeon Review was started by an artist and a writer looking to make a home for artists and their art. 

Nathaniel Mellor is a published short story writer, writing teacher, and editor. 

Darcy Melton is an illustrator and watercolor artist with work in galleries, magazines, and private collections.

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