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Agnese Kurzemniece

More about Agnese Kurzemniece


Agnese is a Latvian painter and fine artist. She has rigid classical art education - graduated from the Janis Rozentals Riga Art School and studied at the Graphic Art department of the Academy of Latvia and got a Master’s degree in etching.

In Agnese’s own words, inspiration comes from “the exploratory and investigative mode my brain dives into when I create my next art piece, either it’s a painting, an etching or other”. In her artistic pursuit and work, Agnese questions the universal values, and her art is characterized by the free use of color, the constant experimentation, and the mixing of different techniques. 

“My work reflects all unspoken thoughts as seen in a rather larger perspective..."

behance: @AgneseKurzemniece

instagram: @agnese_kurzemniece_art

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