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More about Akanji


Charles Adesanmi, Adedeji (Akanji) is a self-taught ballpoint pen artist from Nigeria.

He is currently exploring young peoples mental health in his ongoing series RED MIND, DEAD MIND, specifically that of Generation Y, a jaded generation whose visions of the future are very bleak, drowning in corruption, drugs and despair in Nigeria. The pieces above are from a series on Motherhood.

Akanji has dedicated his life to exploring art in his own way, teaching himself to draw using the material he is most familiar with, the ballpoint pen.




The perfect fan (Motherhood 1) : You showed me when I was young just how to grow, you showed me everything i should know, you showed me how to walk without your hands, cause mom you were always the perfect fan. The symbol drawn in green is the Celtic symbol for motherhood and as seen in the artwork, its meant to show the incredible connection between mother and child. 

Motherhood 2: The symbol depicted here is one representing the act of breastfeeding, showing also the incredible connection between mother and child as one circle within another.

instagram: @akanji_arts

twitter: @akanji_arts

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