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Alicja Wieczorek

More about Alicja Wieczorek


A painter, cartoonist and illustrator. A graduate of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Poland); she obtained a master’s diploma with distinction pursuing a diploma in easel painting, mural painting, and an annex of drawing in 2012. She also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Media Drawing (2014) and a doctorate in the field of visual arts In 2019. She belongs to the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in the district of Torun. She’s been the co-founder of the Piñata Group since 2015 and the vice president on the board of the Piñata Foundation since 2016, she co-organises cultural events promoting modern art. Since 2020 she’s been also working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts in the Institute of Visual Arts at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce (Poland).

A double holder of the scholarship from the mayor of Torun in the field of culture. A winner of prizes and distinctions in comics, illustration and drawing categories. Author of 27 individual exhibitions and participant of over 100 collective exhibitions on a national and international scale. She has shown her works in Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Japan, Iran, Serbia, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia and Portugal. She works in diverse artistic fields, but the starting point of her search is painting. She looks for some common ground for regularity and chance, she is fascinated by the creative process and the presence of art in everyday life. 



I usually base my illustration works on a sketch with a fine-tipped pen, transferred with the help of a tablet into the reality of a graphic program. I care about not losing the unique handwritten character of the drawings. I also create works immediately on the computer. I approach them as when I'm painting on canvas - I build a composition with message out of colors and spots. The color that determines the emotions associated with the reception of works is particularly important to me. My computer graphics have a surreal style and sometimes also humorous character with a drop of anxiety.


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