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Ariel Vivanco

More about Ariel Vivanco


Ariel Vivanco is a multidisciplinary, Hispanic-American artist from San Antonio, Texas. In 2017, she graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a BFA in Painting & Drawing and a Minor in Art History. Post-graduation, Vivanco held her first solo exhibition at 1305 Gallery in Cincinnati, OH and co-curated a group exhibition dedicated to expanding and supporting fellow BIPOC artists and creators in the Cincinnati area. She then spent the following two years teaching English as a second language in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, Vivanco lives and works in Lexington, South Carolina.



I like to view my work as a sort of “love letter” to my life. For me, the smallest moments bring the biggest joys when looking back. Because of this, the scenes I tend to focus on seem rather mundane, but are presented with lots of energy. Be it the bright, satiating color palette or expressive, wobbly line-work, I hope to capture the transient feelings I felt in those moments and allow them to be experienced by others.


instagram: @frijolfeliz

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