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Normal Submissions are temporarily closed as we run our flash fiction competition.

Art Submission Guidelines

From a cluttered room or a cup of coffee to an inquisitive face, we like visual storytelling. We like to see a narrative; pieces that viewers can find a story in. Sometimes the moments that impact us the most are the quiet ones. The ones we didn't realize were happening and didn't know had ended. We like art that breaks down barriers (in your life or in that of the viewers), speaks with meaning, or pulls us into another place. We're not looking for the best art we've ever seen, we're looking for art that we resonate with emotionally and that we think the viewers will resonate with as well. 

This is what we know we love, but we're happy to be surprised. So if you have something outside of this aesthetic that you think we'll like, we want to see that too, because we all like to be pleasantly surprised. 

We are currently accepting work in the genres of portrait/figure, nature/landscape/plein air, still life, and narrative realism. We're not currently open to abstract work, performance art, film, or voice recorded work. We don't tend to publish gore or egregious nudity. Mediums that we accept are traditional paintings, digital paintings, illustrations, photography, and sculpture. (Sculptures genres included, but are not limited to ceramic, textile, and found art.) Entries should be high definition photographs of an individual piece with a monochromatic/flat background if possible.

Please do not submit work that has been previously published in another journal. You may however submit work if has been shown in a gallery or appears on your website, social media, or art markets like Saatchi and Fine Art America. 

Please send us up to 10 images that you would like us to consider for publication as well as info for each piece (Title, Medium, Size, Year created, and Price if available). Images should be JPGs, 300dpi, and no larger than 5MBs. We will not open files that are not JPGs. Please also send us a link to your website or portfolio if you have one, and third person bio. We would also love to read your artist statement if you want to include that as well.

As of March 2022, we are looking to accept up to three pieces of work from each artist in order to best showcase your work and style. If you are looking to only have one piece accepted, please indicate this in your original submission email. 

Please email us your submission ( and use the subject "ART SUBMISSION" without the quotation marks unless you have purchased either an expedited response, in which case please use the subject "EXPEDITED ART SUBMISSION." See below for more details. 

We know that waiting to hear back can often been stressful, but please wait six weeks before reaching out. If you need to hear back sooner, scroll down, and learn about our options to hear back sooner. 

what we
from you... simplified 




Your email here.



(Or EXPEDITED ART SUBMISSION*  if you have purchased that option through Ko-fi) 


Introduction: Hi, Hello, Good day, What's happening, Top of the morning!

Our art editor is Darcy (she/her).


Third Person Bio*: Tell us about yourself! Anything from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs. We'd love to know where else you've been published, if you're highly educated in fine art or self taught, and if you have a cat, we'd love to know about them too! Just tell us what you think is important to know about you.

Artist Statement: This is not required, but please feel free to tell us a little about your art; your process, technique, meaning behind your work.


Info about each piece (please provide one for each piece submitted in order) *:



Size of work

Year Created 

Price (if available) 


Art*: Paste up to 10 pieces in the body of the email. 

Links: Do you have a website or social media links? Please include those too! 


Expedite Art Respnse Anchor

Expedited Response

Receive a response within 72 hours. This will not affect our judgement of your art. Please add "EXPEDITED" into your subject and either a screenshot of the donation or the name you made the donation with.



Payments can be made as donations through our Ko-Fi. (You can pay with PayPal, Credit/Debit card, and bank transfers through MyBank.)

The nitty-gritty: 

  • We accept all unsolicited submissions.

  • All work must be your own.

  • All biographies and art information must be in English (translations welcome). 

  • Submissions are open from the 16th to the final day of the same month.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, just let us know in the email if it's simultaneous and if it’s accepted elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • We accept multiple submissions. Please include up to 10 pieces of art with each submission.

  • Currently, we are not accepting previously published work. (We understand that artists need to share their work to gain exposure, so we don't consider publishing work to a personal website, social media, online art gallery like Saatchi, or physical gallery as being published. We would prefer if your work had not appeared in another journal or publication at the time of your submission.)

  • If your piece(s) is/are accepted, you agree to have it shared on our Instagram page (@PigeonReview). We do not own your art or gain any rights to use your art for purposes outside of sharing it on our website or through social media (i.e. placing your art on t-shirts, stickers, etc.). 

  • Please wait six weeks to hear from us. If you need to hear back sooner, we can offer that for a small payment. 

  • As a general rule, we aren't looking for heavily political or Covid-19 related art. 

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