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More about Daisy Crane


Daisy Crane completed her MA in Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego in 2020 and has since focused on combining her background in peace studies with her art practice. Daisy’s drawings, paintings, and written works deal with the emotional, sensory, and cultural components of the climate crisis. She combines inspiration from the natural world and the human body with manufactured materials in order to document our changing relationships with objects, promote new collective imaginaries of a sustainable future, call attention to the necessity for radical cultural change, and encourage deeper individual and collective relationships with the Earth.



My work explores the ways human-made and natural materials interact with our psychological, environmental, and cultural landscapes. I am curious about various perspectives on interconnectedness and how we can best communicate mutual dependency in a plastic ridden world. I portray materials that float between human-made and natural, calling attention to the ways contrasting materials both interrupt a landscape and also coexist within it. Organic and rigid textures work together in a fluid composition in order to discuss both the interdependence of all beings and the existence of non-decomposable materials that disrupt ecological timelines, systems, and spaces. My paintings question the ways we deny, adore, and/or ignore the materials that define our lives and futures. In the end, my paintings search for the beauty of creation and complexity even in a world on fire.



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