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More about Ellis Khan


Ellis Khan, born in 1991 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a multi-media artist who specializes in Digital Collage (Photo-montage) using Adobe Photoshop. Her affinity for this medium stems from a love of photography, and she is also very much influenced by her father’s career as a film/ television Director and Scriptwriter. Much of her childhood was spent visiting film sets, and the cinematographers working quietly behind the camera beguiled her the most.

“My passion has always been the arts, whether managing exhibitions or visiting museums all around the World. I never worked up the courage to make my own art because drawing is not my strongest suite. I always thought that the ability to draw well is the basis for becoming an artist. Everything changed with the Covid-19 Pandemic. To keep my sanity intact, I began taking on several Instagram Challenges, placing photos of myself in ‘magical’ realms - the laVer edited using Adobe Photoshop. My almost non-existent self-esteem took a 360 degree turn with my husband’s ceaseless encouragement, and this belief led me to par6cipate in various art compe66ons and exhibitions.”

Ellis’s body of work are interpretations of her dreams and simultaneously, a representa6on of herself. The Pandemic, like with everyone else, hit her hard. But it was this very asperity which spurred her art, and ‘Wonderland’ came to fruition.



Most of my pieces begin with a vintage photograph/image which is then coloured-in and extracted into a digital collage process. Sometimes I would photograph models or take a self portrait in a photo studio to achieve the desired ligh6ng and then I plan specific angles. My ‘Wonderland’ is then completed using Adobe Photoshop. I am inspired by many things, and ar6st Maggie Taylor is one example. I was so drawn to her surrealis6c montage back in College; I had a whole essay written based on her works. I love how the combina6on of 17th century classic photos and modern surrealism manifests into phantasmagorical images. I believe we do not have to fit into moulds the World gave us. Art is so vast and is in everything we see.


instagram: @ellis.labyrinth

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