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More about Ilona Rinne


Ilona Rinne is a Belgium-based artist originally from Finland, currently focusing on printmaking as her primary medium, especially aquatint and collagraphs. She also enjoys exploring her creativity through drawing, painting and textile. Ilona's interest for creating started at a young age with knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Growing up she also attended art school, but felt limited and discouraged by the predefined themes.


During the pandemic, Ilona's passion for creating art was reignited when she received a set of aquarelle paints as a gift. Since then, she has been actively building her art practice. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Turku and is currently studying printmaking at Knst. Hasselt.




Ilona sees herself as a storyteller through her art. Her illustrative work leaves room for interpretation and imagination, with the story behind each piece potentially different for everyone. She draws inspiration from everyday things like plants, animals, people, and the camera roll of her phone. Her work usually starts with a seemingly purposeless or insignificant object, and the story evolves throughout the creative process. Ilona likes to explore different techniques and draws further inspiration from her experimentation.



Ilona's works have a moody feel and create a glimpse into a moment that could be just mundane or more pivotal, depending on the story the viewer creates for it. Overall, Ilona's art is a reflection of her passion for storytelling and her desire to spark the imagination of her audience.


instagram: @rinne.ilona

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