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Isabel Couceiro da Costa Newman

More about Isabel Couceiro da Costa Newman


Isabel Couceiro da Costa Newman (b. 2002) is a representational oil painter raised in Chicago, IL, and a BFA student at the Laguna College of Art and Design. She works in oil paint, charcoal, graphite, and pastel, and enjoys experimenting with and combining these mediums. Since starting her artistic training in 2017 at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, Isabel has devoted herself to strengthening her traditional and contemporary figurative painting.




My work thus far has been driven by the vulnerability of the human body/form. Combined with my unfettered visual imagery derived from synesthesia, I seek to create a safe space in which my audience is challenged to gain insight into their identity by reflecting upon their attitudes, fears, and social norms in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. By incorporating controversial themes, such as women’s rights, religion, sexuality, and politics, I aim to provoke self-reflection that in turn promotes external action. This is accomplished by encouraging audiences to explore my work through the vulnerable lens of a stranger’s exposed body in hopes of lowering their inherent defenses and biases in an act of self-discovery. Ultimately my art will push my audience to address the inherent question, “Who am I?”


instagram: @isabelartchives

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