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Mark Yale Harris

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Sculptor Mark Yale Harris realized his true passion - stone carving - in the 1990s. In Santa Fe, he was mentored by Bill Prokopiof and Doug Hyde. Harris’ alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze works express the inherent duality in mans’ essence. Prior to this shift, Harris spent many successful years in the real estate/hotel business.


Harris’ 250+ (90+ solo) gallery, museum and international exhibitions include Marin MOCA, Yellowstone Art Museum, Booth Western Art Museum, National Sculpture Society, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Fredric Remington Art Museum, Museum of the Southwest, Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal Scottish Academy.

120+ publications have featured his sculpture, including American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Sculpture News, Southwest Art, LandEscape Contemporary Art Review, Magazine 43, Peripheral ARTeries and Art Daily News.


Harris is represented by 20 galleries (US/UK) and has works in permanent collections in museums, various states’ public art venues, upscale hotels and hospitals.



The purpose of my artwork is to invoke an awakening of the sensual. Stimulating a perceptual, internal, and intellectual response for the viewer: a visual that speaks to life's experiences. Creating symbols of universal connection underscores the relationship that one has to another and to nature.

Art conveys my nonverbal view of life. An ongoing portrayal of myself, my behavior, adventure, exploration, risk taking, and non-acceptance of convention and the status quo. Constantly in search of the new and different - I am fascinated with the unconventional. Life has a hard, aggressive side, as does much of my work, represented by rigid, angular lines. However, the soft side is also apparent, visible as curves and soft forms.

Using the invaluable experience of the mentorship of Bill Prokopiof and Doug Hyde, along with my own vision, I have created an evolving body of work in alabaster, marble, limestone, and bronze. Combining different elements, I bring forth a duality in the sculptures that I create.


instagram: @markyaleharris

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