Melody Hesaraky

More about Melody Hesaraky

In the world obsessed with speed, New York based visual artist Melody Hesaraky’s art invites you to stay still. Her meditative visual art and repetitive patterns inspired by sound, vibration and energy encourages the viewer to be present and practice mindfulness. 

In order to see all the mesmerizing details and imagery in her work you should zoom out of the world and zoom in into her art. And allow your mind to travel to different places and different times.


“To be able to capture the amount of details I paint 

To tap into the untouched and translate it to visual vocabulary

And to let the inspiration flow into my pen 

I had to learn patience 

I had to teach stillness to my mind so my spirit could move 

I had to draw for hours, days, weeks and months seamlessly 


My art is the result of movement in stillness 

Take your time 

Stay still 

Be quiet and look 




instagram: @melodyhesaraky and @melodyhesstudio 

facebook: Melody Hesaraky