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Natalie Rusinova

More about Natalie Rusinova


An expressionist artist from Russia. In her work, she pays special attention to the versatility of color, contrast and bright accents. She draws colorful landscapes depicting emotions and impressions.

While studying painting at art school, she discovered her passion to work in expressionism and impressionism styles. Allusive pictures were way more mesmerizing than the ones rendered with photographic precision. 

Her goal was to create convention free art, forcing the viewer's imagination to work towards the essence of the phenomenon represented in the picture. Encouraging the viewer to be not an ordinary observer, but a participant in the action. 

Natalie is inspired by natural phenomena and, having been guided through the prism of her imagination, captures them on canvas with the help of oil paints, endowing her work with unreal, magical properties. She fills the space of the picture with emotional, dynamic power through dynamic strokes with brush and palette knife. In her work, she tries to convey the sensuality, transience and originality of natural phenomena.


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instagram: @natali_rusinova_art

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