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Going on a break...

[Hopefully] all of your questions answered!

Hello everyone!


Yes, we are still around! We apologize for our radio silence up until now.

Going on our break back in November, we had lofty aspirations for all the housekeeping and re-designing we had in mind for Pigeon Review.

Unfortunately, none of that happened.


What was supposed to be a fun and easy-going two month vacation turned into a two week mad dash for us as we secured a spot for Darcy’s solo art show that culminated the night before in late-night framing and hanging of paintings.

We both ended up sick from colds (thankfully, our COVID tests were negative), and then segued into cooking Christmas dinner for Darcy’s extended family.

Nathaniel spent the following week editing and beta-reading for clients as Darcy met up with potential clients and galleries.

And due to some lovely Christmas miracles, we are no longer a computer down! So we can work twice as fast, hopefully.


Here we are, in the new year (Happy New Year’s everyone!), exhausted, and realizing that not only have we forsaken Pigeon Review, but we’re now facing a quickly expiring residency visa for Darcy in Italy, so our last few weeks here in the States and our first week back in Italy will be spent running around, collecting all the paperwork, scheduling the interview, and securing another couple-year visa.


All of this is to say, we are very sorry we haven’t been around!

We have started using a scheduler for Twitter posting, so we are excited to start sharing stories and art that were published back in November!


We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy!

Can’t wait to see your submissions in February!


Darcy and Nathaniel

Pigeon Review


From November 15th (our last publishing date of 2021) to February 15th (when our submissions open back up again for publishing in March).


To visit family! We've been living in Italy since the start of Covid and never got the chance to go back until now.

Will Submissions stay open?

Yes and no. You can still send us your work, but we will not consider any work for publication until we begin reading again in January.

If you'd like to simultaneously submit your work to us and other places and pull it out when it's accepted elsewhere, we're happy with that!

They will be unavailable during our break.

What about Expedited Submissions?

Will you be active?


We will use the time off for a few different goals.

First: we will be starting an Instagram account as the artists who submit tend to have an Instagram account and not a Twitter account.

Second: we will continue to promote people's work over the two months.

Third: we will be slightly re-designing the website, specifically the submissions page to reduce clutter and streamline the process for everyone.

Fourth: since we received enough money in donations (a massive thank you to everyone who donated or purchased an expedited reading) we will join CLMP. We didn't want to sign up for their year-long subscription a month before taking a break.

Fifth: we will be running a few polls (mostly through our newsletter, so sign up below!) so we can gather feedback on what you've all been enjoying so far, and things we can change.

Have any more questions?

Get in contact with us!

We will see you in 2022!

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