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Paul Ransohoff

More about Paul Ransohoff


Paul Ransohoff draws and paints in Northern California. In his day job, he works as a clinical psychologist, where his medium is conversation; his artwork complements his word-work by furnishing an arena to explore and express his visual nature and his observing and appreciating the gestural expression of the poignant, tragic/comic varieties of human love, fear, conflict, striving, and folly. His art has been published in two editions of the annuals Best of Drawing and AcrylicWorks, published by Golden Peak Press; in Artists of the Bay Area, ed by Jen Tough; and (forthcoming 2023) in INDA 15 Annual of Drawing, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati.  He has studied at numerous courses and workshops at local art organizations, Stanford Continuing Studies, and online at RISD, Royal Drawing School, and New York Studio School.



Through my paintings and drawings, I explore the interweaving of the mundane and the resonant, the physical and the spiritual, the structural and the gestural. My work takes off from everyday material--stances, poses, expressions, and moments from street scenes, Old Masters, family, newspapers, and films—to elicit the liveliness of movement or rest, the relationships between us and the marks we make and see. My recent work investigates the narrative structure of figuration through images of multiple figures from clashing, echoing temporal eras. What emerges is a kind of contemporary genre painting, with a touch of visual and historical mystery. “Thinking is more interesting than knowing but not than looking” –Goethe


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