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By Helen Chambers-


Sunday 11.10.21 1500

What sounds do pigeons make?

Does pigeon shit stain?

How to stop pigeons landing on your window-ledge

Monday 12.10.21 1400

How do you cook pigeon?

Can you catch a pigeon with bare hands?

Tues 13.10.21. 2200

How do you ID a pigeon: feral or wood pigeon?

Do pigeons mate for life?

How many times a year do wood pigeons breed?

What do wood pigeons eat?

Where do wood pigeons make nests?

Weds 14.10.21 2300

Can wood pigeons recognise different humans?

How can you make a pigeon trust you?

Is Bird Psychology a real thing?

Thursday 15.10.21 1650

Which careers involve caring for birds and animals?

Which careers involve caring for WILD birds and animals?

What is cutoff date for switching Uni courses?

Friday 16.10.21 1700

How to manage your parents’ disappointment in you - real-life stories

Saturday 17.10.21 1100

The hub: Uni Societies and Clubs

  • What time is Env Sci social tonite?

  • Where is The Feathers pub?


Helen is a writer from North East Essex, UK. She won the Fish Short Story Prize in 2018 and was nominated for Best Microfictions in 2019 and a Pushcart Prize in 2021. When she's not writing, she can be found with her head in a book, or out walking, and has learned the hard way not to try both at once. She has publications with Ellipsis Zine, Retreat West, Spelk, and Janus Literary amongst others, she writes flash and short stories and you can read some of her publications at:

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