Mouse Review

By Doug Mathewson -


I was reading reviews of cat toys, specifically catnip mice. You could say I was in the market. “Mittens played with it once” (with pictures), or “Pickles completely ignored it” (also with pictures). The review that stood out was from a lady who bought a cheap pair of mice, and sewed them on her Cinderella Halloween costume.

Months later, she decided to wear the dress to her friend’s wedding, and took the mice off. Was it a cosplay wedding? How did the bride feel about Cinderella coming to her ball? Valet parking for a pumpkin coach? I had questions.

As an after thought she gave the discarded mice to her cat, who absolutely could not care less. I pulled out my credit card and ordered a pair for $4.


Doug Mathewson writes short and even shorter fiction. He has been Pushcart nominated, and his work has appeared in journals and anthologies here and abroad. He is the editor of Blink-Ink, a journal of contemporary 50 word fiction. More of his work can be found at

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