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Rodion Voskresensky

More about Rodion Voskresensky


Rodion Voskresensky is an independent artist without a certain residence. Born in Taganrog, Russia in 1994.


R. Voskresenskiy's work is a mixture of figurative subjects surrounded by long-lasting emotional sequences and a deeply sensual environment containing a lot of real and fictional objects. 

As a self-taught artist, R. Voskresensky strives to bring the viewer his emotional experience and sense of moment, with the help of ideas and visual means of romanticism, modernism, impressionism. The genres of interest to the artist, mainly a portrait and a naked body. R. Voskresensky pays great attention to the study of the beauty trend of the past and present. His artistic philosophy is based on the belief that beauty is closely related to naturalness and simplicity. The faces and poses of his characters are mostly calm, but real colors and the environment are being rethought, complementing a set of emotional indicators. R. Voskresensky builds the volume of human forms, making color areas of various sharpness, transparency and brightness.


He prefers to work with natural materials such as oil paints, pastel, tempera, wood, linen, cotton, although used packaging, wire, cable can also become a means of expression. R. Voskresensky is constantly looking for inspiration in classical literature and films, art books, photography and sculpture.


In addition to painting, the scope of competence includes graphics, sculpture, woodworking, scenography, photography, illustration.


instagram: @cumoflove

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