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Solana Lanchares

More about Solana Lanchares


Solana Lanchares is an Art History Professor graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the National University of La Plata (FDA-UNLP), Buenos Aires. During the last years she has been invited to be a member of a research team of a chair in her former faculty, the main focus of her research is in new media and video games from cultural studies and semiotics perspective. Besides this academic path, she is constructing her artistic corpus working with programming as a main tool to express herself; she defines her practice as the labor of a media alchemist that experiments with pixels as a compositional element. During the last year she has achieved several participations in shows and festivals; among her latest exhibitions, she has been part of a traveling show that will tour Spain, Portugal, and Argentina within the MAP Project entitled “La Distancia del Caos”; has participated in an exhibition above the digital facade of the MediaLab Prado in Madrid within the Madrid Digital Urban Art Festival; has a Net.Art work within the web platform; has participated in the exhibition "Orbiting the Glitch" at the virtual gallery New Art City; has been interviewed and published on the first issue of the Mitoshi magazine and lately has been selected to participate in the 4th Festival of Photography and Moving Image of Bahía Blanca (Buenos Aires), with some of her photographic work. In her day-to-day life, she also participates in events such as vj and livecoder.

Her work is a manifestation of the creative communion between the computer and the human artist; as she writes the code some randomness is provided by the black box that programming and the experimentation around this practice involves, so the result is a set of human-machine collaborative artworks. Her work tries to reflect on various notions like: landscapes, organicity, mimesis, space, geometry and the abstraction of the mind at the creative moment; as she has a background as art historian, her artistic practice cannot let apart the questioning about the historical aspects of this notions, and her work is based in this ongoing and never ending questioning as a creative guide. 

instagram: @__esteparia

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