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Susan Easton Burns

More about Susan Easton Burns


Susan  was born and went to school in upstate New York, and now lives and paints on a small farm in rural Georgia. The subject must be seen before it is thought.  Her conversation with the viewer begins with a conversation with the paint. 


“Art will be infused with the energy of the moment.  As we evolve, attempting to make our lives relevant, art will help us to see and know ourselves.  My connection to nature and art, will hopefully enable the viewer to be more centered or balanced in their own life.  Art is another of several mirrors of ourselves in the universe.”

We are here to help one another evolve.


Susan was the official 140th Kentucky Derby Artist in 2014, and the Windsor polo Charity Cup artist of 2018.  Susan was voted the best artist in Cobb County, Georgia in 2021.  Her art can be seen at the booth Museum in Cartersville, Ga. and in several galleries, including The Loft gallery in Marietta, Ga., The Sportsman’s Gallery in Charleston, S.C. and Vail, Colorado, Timpson Creek Gallery, Clayton, Ga, Beverly McNeil Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama, and Bennett Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee.


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