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More about Tina Bophiah


Tina Bopiah is a self-taught artist. When maternal duties were all done and dusted, she plunged into an orgy of working in myriad media and studying art in all its varied manifestations for a period of 5 years in an attempt to find her creative feet. She finally settled on egg tempera as the medium best suited to her concepts of inner spaces.

She held onto this medium for the longest time but as time progressed and she addressed topical issues, she searched for a medium that would give her the immediacy and brilliance of graffiti. This she found in paper, thread and acrylic on canvas as here she was able to work on much larger supports than egg tempera would allow.

To her heart anchored brain art for her is an exploration of uncertainty and the art that can be created from it and never about a neat resolution or redemption.



Now that the ancient societal norms of joint families is far more atomised in India, the ownership of a dwelling for a nuclear family is paramount in man's hierarchical quest of necessities. Further, the dynamic migration from the rural areas, where most of the population live, to the cities, is sometimes extremely fraught. 


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